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Survey : Score reporting method, which way is better?

My question is what method would you prefer to receive your accumulated class score?

1.) Using e-learning system and give-out individually?

2.) PM your result one by one into your oCircle message box?

3.) Public Xcel sheet report for class?

4.) Public Extra contribution as a note then individual score privately PM to each of you ?

5.) Any other suggestion ( Please identify your idea)


Why public as a choice?

  --- Sometimes, you need to know that you are behind. This class use hard grading criteria - so no hard feeling about getting ahead and help your friend to keep up. (All can get 'A' if you work as a team.....)

Help me making the best learning environment for you.

  • pisit.ocircle

    : )  Umm, Choice 3 means everyone will have their score publicly post on the site, that's the only concern na.


    I may try PM it myself since only 24 of you here.

  • NÀtt'z A Na

    Can I choose more than one choices cause I think like @Art Atiyut for choice no.3 in contrast we may considered for student who missed the class. Therefore, choice no.2 should be great for all student in class if it isn't hard to possible, I thought. 

  • Art Atiyut

    I think choice 3 [ public excel sheet on Googledrive ] should be the best comfortable by you :D
    and easier for us on keep tracking the score rather than send it individually.